The Place

The perfect spot to feel at “tu home” in the middle of Vietnam.

Welcome to My Casa.

We are two travellers sharing this Restaurant/House idea. Sharon, from Italy, knows how pasta has to taste. Jorge, from Spain, gives his Mediterranean touch in the kitchen. Jorge met Sharon in Italy, and Sharon met Jorge in Spain (ask them about the story).

So this is what we are, travellers cooking for (not just) travellers. Because we have been travelling a lot, we know what our visitors needs are. There is nothing like after exhausting trips, long excursions and disappointing food experiences, fell back home for a while.

What we offer is home made pasta, Spanish tapas & delicious handcrafted cocktails (mojito, frozen daiquiris, pinha colada…) in a comfortable and friendly environment.

Happy hour everyday from 5P.M. till 7P.M. Sometimes we have special nights, dancing events or we are just fully booked so we recommend you to call us in advance to see “What’s cooking up” at My Casa.

See you soon!



Carbonara Queen

She is definitely the joy of My Casa. Impossible to not to smile her back. She is not just the "Carbonara Queen" but also knows how all the pasta has to taste. Following her instructions we cook based in her own home made Italian experience to bring you traditional flavours.



Pastafarian guru

Educated in computer science, Jorge has complications to discern between bites and bytes.
Even though, cooking is a way of communication for him and its feedback keeps him making delicious foods.

Were we are

Located 100 meters away from My Khe beach.